Training sessions about modern technologies for growing, harvesting and post-harvesting of berries.

In order to be competitive on the international market, members of the Association are permanently invited to trainings and information sessions about innovations in the process of growing, cultivating and post-harvesting berries.

Facilitate the exchange of good practices by organizing national and international study visits.

Performance can be achieved through a continuous learning process and the implementation of new technologies, so the Association establishes partnerships with national and international organizations and facilitates the exchange of best practices by organizing study visits to various experienced manufacturers and processors.

Consultancy on export marketing and facilitating communication between producers and international buyers.

The association advises on the determination of marketing strategy, the elaboration of the export plan and is a communication platform for producers and international buyers.

Organizing and participating in fairs and exhibitions

The promotion of local consumption of berries is another objective of the association, being an element in the development of the sector.

Training services in entrepreneurship, consulting and preparation of files for accessing grants funds.

Grants funds are one of the elements for the development of the agricultural sector, and we support domestic producers by organizing training and providing advice for accessing of grants funds.

Protecting the domestic market and setting gambling rules for domestic producers.

The «Berries of Moldova” Association has a fruitful cooperation with the representatives of the state, being a member of the working groups organized for consultation and realization of various initiatives, actively involved in the promotion of various legislative norms that can protect and stimulate the development of the sector.